Starter Templates FAQs

This document contains answers to some Frequently Asked Questions that you could find helpful when using Starter Templates.

Are Premium Starter Templates Available With Astra Pro?

No. Though Astra Pro has significant additional options for the Astra theme, it doesn’t come with any other Brainstorm Force products. 

Premium Starter Templates is a separate premium plugin available only with our Essential and Business Toolkits. You can compare the packages here

Can I Upgrade My Astra Pro Package to the Bundle Packages?

If you already have the Astra Pro license, you can upgrade any time to Essential or Business Toolkits. When upgrading, you will be paying only for the difference in price between the packages. 

If you’re upgrading your annual Astra Pro package to any annual Bundle package, the package’s expiration date won’t change. Since our annual upgrades are prorated, you will be paying only a proportion of the Bundle fee.

The difference will be calculated for the remaining time until the package expiration date.

Will My Website Still Work if My License Expired?

Yes, your websites will continue to work correctly. If your package expires, this will result in your licenses becoming invalid.

Until you renew your license, you won’t receive updates for any of our premium plugins. Further, you won’t be able to import any new premium templates with the Premium Starter Templates plugin. On the other hand, any template you previously imported will not be affected by this. 

Once you renew your license, you can continue working with Premium Starter Templates normally.

Do I Download a .zip File to Import a Starter Template?

No, the .zip file is not needed for importing starter templates. You can import templates with our Starter Templates plugin, which will import them to your website.

All templates are imported directly from our server. Starter Templates plugin will also install and activate all plugins and add content and settings. 

Are Starter Templates a Child Themes for Astra?

No, Starter Templates are not a Child Theme. 

Starter Templates are sets of the designed website pages or design elements created by our team. These can be imported as a whole website or as individual pages/elements of your website. 

The child theme is a sub-theme of the Parent theme (e.g., the Astra theme). It’s primarily used to store any modifications you might add to Astra Theme (add filters or other custom code). You can read more about the basics of installing the child theme in this article.

Can I Delete the Plugin After Importing a Template?

Yes, you can delete the plugin after importing the starter template you need. Any imported content will still work properly. 

On the other hand, you will no longer be able to import any additional pages, templates, or pre-designed elements (Gutenberg Patterns / Elementor Blocks) to your website as these are all provided by Starter Templates plugins. However, if you remove the plugin for any reason, once you install and reactivate it, these options will become available.

Can I Import Starter Templates on an Existing Website?

Yes, you can. Importing the single pages or pre-designed elements (Gutenberg Patterns / Elementor Blocks) won’t affect your existing content.

On the contrary, importing the complete site template might change how your website looks as it comes with its own customizer settings and content.

The imported content can also get mixed up with your existing content. You can check out more details in this article.

How Can I Reset My Website After Importing Starter Templates?

You can reset your website in several ways. To begin with, you can manually remove your plugins, pages, posts, and media files. Further, with the Astra theme, you can reset your customizer settings with the Customizer Reset plugin.

Next, if you need 100% clean WordPress installation, you can check with your hosting provider or use some plugins. 

Some hosting providers offer options for completely removing and resetting your website installation. 

Otherwise, you could use plugins like the Advanced WordPress Reset. Check this article for details on how to do this.

Can I Use Images That Come With Starter Templates?

It’s not advisable. We use stock and non-copyrighted (free) images from websites like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash on all of our starter templates. On the other hand, we cannot take legal responsibility for any claims if the mentioned website’s policies change. 

Accordingly, we recommend replacing all template images after the import. 

However, Pixabay images imported through the Starter Templates Pixabay image library are free. Furthermore, images downloaded this way can be used for free under the Pixabay License. Still, please keep in mind some additional rules set by Pixabay.

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