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Can I Import Starter Templates Site on Existing Website?

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Starter Templates plugin allows importing the entire site and as well as single-page templates. Sometimes you might have a website with some content on it like – pages, posts, customizer settings, etc. If you are wondering what will happen if you import a starter template on your website, this article will help you.

Importing a single-page template will not affect anything on your website. This will create a new page as a draft in the page list. So even if you import several pages, it will not affect your existing website.

Importing Complete Site Template on the existing site that already has content, might affect the look of the site. Newly imported content will get mixed with existing one and it will display unexpected results.

While importing a complete site, a popup displays a few options. In case you want to skip any of the parts of the site you can choose options accordingly.

In case you wish to clean/reset your existing WordPress installation and then freshly import the starter template, refer – How To Reset WordPress Installation?

We recommend taking a backup of your existing website before making any major changes. It’s easy and takes only a few minutes.

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