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Starter Templates – Free Images from Pixabay

Starter Templates plugin makes the entire free Pixabay image library is available right inside your WordPress backend. You can add Pixabay images with your page builder by searching and importing them straight to your content.

That means whenever you need to insert an image on your page, you can add awesome free pictures from the Pixabay library without leaving your site.

Insert image from pixabay

Where can I find it?

Step 1 – Navigate to Dashboard > Page / Post to edit Page or Post.

Step 2 – Start editing the pages with your page builder of choice (e.g. Elementor, Block Editor, etc.).

Step 3 – Navigate to the element (block, widget, section, row, etc.) you wish to add an image to.

Step 4 – Choose to add an image.

Step 5 – When it opens a media library window, you will observe a new option ‘Free Images from Pixabay’.

Step 6 – You can search for an image and choose to ‘Save & Insert’ it. This will automatically download the image, add it to your media library and insert it on the page.

Pixabay License:

Pixabay images available with Starter Templates are free. Images downloaded can be used for the purpose for free. Here is the Pixabay License page.

There are a few exceptions you need to take care of. Read – Pixabay License – What is allowed and what is not?

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