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Understanding Starter Templates Compatibility Across Themes

Starter Templates are initially designed with the Astra theme. They inherit global properties like typography, color, logo, menu, layout, button from Astra Customizer.

While importing a template when you click on the ‘Import Template’ button, you will see a popup that gives the option to install and activate the Astra theme. Choosing this option will automatically add the Astra theme.

In case, you skip this option and continue importing the template with the current theme (other than Astra) you might notice a few changes in the template.

In this case, the template will inherit styling from the current theme customizer that might have different colors, typography, and other layouts.

This article lists all the possible changes you might see if you import a starter template with another theme than Astra.

1. Site logo missing/ Change in Site Tagline – Astra customizer provides an option to add a logo and site tagline. This might be missing when the template is imported with another theme.

2. Colors & Typography – You might see colors and typography applied to an existing theme.

3. Few icons in Header – Astra allows adding extra menu items like search icon, button, cart icon, etc. This might be missing with another theme.

4. Page Title – Astra does not display the site title unless it’s chosen intentionally. With another theme, you might see them displayed.

5. Button Style – Global button stylings with color and border are set from Astra. You might see different button styles.

6. Spacing – Some of the themes apply static spacing to page builder sections. So padding and the margin between the sections might look different.

7. Background Color – Overall background color for the site can be set from the Astra. This will change according to the different themes.

8. Background Color on Sections – Background color for each section. It will appear above the site background color.

9. Transparent Header will be replaced by Theme header – Astra theme customizer gives the option to set transparent header. With other themes, this will be replaced by a normal theme header.

10. Blog page – Astra manages the layout of the blog archive and single blog page. With other themes, content width might look different.

11. Footer widgets – Astra allows inbuilt footer widgets with a number of columns. So with other themes, you might see these missing.

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