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Why You Need to Connect Starter Templates with ZipWP AI Website Builder

Starter Templates offer pre-built designs for websites, making it simpler for businesses to begin their online presence.

Even with templates, refining a website to suit your needs might take a bit of time. You’ll need to fine-tune designs to fit your branding, content, and functionality needs, which adds a layer of detail to your site-building process.

That’s where ZipWP AI Website Builder comes in. It helps by providing personalized AI assistance to create complete websites, almost ready for publishing, including popular pages and images.

This document explores why combining Starter Templates with ZipWP AI Website Builder improves website creation.

Note: For guidance on integrating Starter Templates with ZipWP, refer to this article.

Why Should You Connect Starter Templates With ZipWP?

Starter Templates and ZipWP AI Website Builder are designed to easily integrate, offering users an efficient workflow for website customization.

This ensures that you can use the full potential of both platforms without encountering any compatibility issues.

To build your website using AI, we use advanced models developed by ZipWP. To use them, you just need to create an account or log in to an existing one using your Google credentials or your email address for ZipWP.

You need to install the Starter Templates plugin on your dashboard and select Try the New AI Builder option while importing your templates.

Create or connect your existing ZipWP account.

That’s it! You can now use all of the AI features of ZipWP with your Starter Templates plugin. Here are some of these features provided by ZipWP:

Add Built-In Features

When setting up your ZipWP website, you’ll find a range of built-in features available right from the start. These features are designed to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience. 

Here are some of its key features.

For more information on these features, please check out this article.

Write Business Descriptions Using AI

While creating your website, you will see an option that says Write Using AI

This will help you write completely new business descriptions based on your chosen business name and the type of business you selected.

If you don’t like the generated description, ZipWP can further help you refine this description. 

This can be done by clicking on the Improve Using AI option that’s visible after entering the business description.

Select Images Relevant to Your Business

ZipWP will suggest images for your website based on the business type you selected. 

AI will suggest images designed specifically for your business, so you don’t need generic filler content.

You can select as many of them as you want and sort them according to portrait or landscape as well.

Website Designs Recommended By AI

ZipWP offers pre-built website structures and layouts specific to various industries (e.g., restaurants, portfolios, e-commerce). This eliminates the need to start from scratch, saving substantial time and effort.

You can choose any option that suits your preference.

Additional Customizations Options – Starter Templates

Along with these, Starter Template’s own customization features such as colors, typography, and more help you further improve your website creation process.

That’s it! We strongly encourage you to use Starter Templates with ZipWP to access these amazing features. 

If you encounter any issues during the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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